Applying Orem's Theory to Care for Patients with Neurogenic Bladder

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Applying Orem's theory to care for patients with neurogenic bladder INTRODUCTION The core of nursing is theory guided practice. Nurses uses concepts, principles and theories of nursing to meet the health needs of the patients. Nursing practice is the art and science of caring and healing. In order to provide holistic and effective interventions, nurses use the theories to develop plan of care. Nursing is a combination of theories and it always guides practice. Theory-based nursing practice is the “application of various models, theories, and principles from nursing science and the biological, behavioral, medical and sociocultural disciplines to clinical nursing…show more content…
The nurses use Orem’s theory as their motivation to attend to the need of the patient. Nurses must go above and beyond to help patients meet their needs, preserve their health, make them comfortable and so they can enjoy their family life. Nurses have an important role of acquiring knowledge and understanding the importance of bladder management and educating this for the patients, so that the patients can be independent about their self-care. Patients psychosocial state also needs to be taken into consideration and family involvement is important. The patient may be anxious and worried, the nurse need to maintain professional communication skills to make the care effective. Understanding the importance of neurogenic bladder problems, interventions and complications help in providing theory guided practice with effective outcome. Applying theory to a practice problem The problem identified is care for patients with neurogenic bladder. The self-care deficit nursing theory by Dorothea Orem is implemented into practice in the care of patients with neurogenic bladder. Orem's theory is outlined into three categories : theories of self-care, self-care deficit, and nursing system (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 143). BIOGRAPHY OF THE THEORIST Dorothea E. Orem one of the nursing theorist of America, was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1941. She received her diploma in nursing from

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