Applying Theory Of A Practice Problem Essay

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Applying theory to a practice problem The nursing theories assist the nurses to identify the limitations of nursing and advance the development of nursing as a unique profession. The theories help to explain the role of nursing in todays health care sector. It also gives the information on the basics of nursing practice and help to create more information in various aspects of patient care. The benefits of having the theory in nursing compromise the improved patient care, therapeutic communication among nurses, It also helps for the guidance for the research and education.( Application of theory in Nursing process”).Nursing was considered under medicine before the development of theories in nursing. Use of theory gives structure and organization to nursing knowledge. Theories make nursing more purposeful. It not only focuses on practice but also improves the rationale. Nursing theory also give the definitions and clarifications of nursing. It helps to differentiate nursing from other professions; It provides professional limits for practice in nursing. . (McEwen, &. Wills, 2014). Nursing theory helps nurses to clarify, explain and look for incidents in nursing practice. Serve to guide, evaluation and assessment of nursing practice.. It helps in professional communication between, coworkers and patients. It is very useful in doing researches. In the field of education role of nursing theory is very significant. It helps for the development of curricula, and helps in
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