My Second Clinical Day At Saint Barnabas Hospital

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My second clinical day took place on September 24th, 2015 at Saint Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, New Jersey. My preceptor Maria Brilhante, MSN, RN, allowed me to observe the morning huddle that took place with all the nurse managers that are in the hospital. The purpose of this huddle was to keep the director of nursing informed about the census on each unit. I found this processed to be very uniformed and professional because the DON was engaged. The day went on with me attending meetings on how managers could implement plans to contain cost for the hospital. Maria did her daily rounds on her patients and her nursing staff. She has a folder that contains papers on how each nurse is progressing from the time they get off orientation. Her motto to the nurses is, “You are good at what you do, so when I coach don’t take offense. I am only trying to get you to be great”. This boost their confidence which I thought to be important.
Objective 3- Explain the interrelation among theory, practice, and research and describe how to identify practice discrepancies between standards and practice that may affect patient outcomes. In nursing, there is a strong relationship between theory, practice, and research. The nursing curriculum first teaches students the basic concept in caring for patients. Theory of nursing is like the foundation. It allows a student to piece information together to see the main idea. A student must first know what the profession stands for. The concepts
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