Approaches to Care for Hypertensive African-Americans

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Approaches to Care for Hypertensive African Americans Heckler, B. (2008). Commonsense illness beliefs, adherence behavior, and hypertension control among African Americans. Journal of behavioural Medicine, 391 400. In this study, Heckler (2008) is examining the root causes as to why African Americans are seeing an increase in hypertension cases. The results are from several different factors which are impacting 112 individuals inside the population sample including: lifestyle choices, medication adherence and stress reducing behavior. (Heckler, 2008) This led to the conclusion that a stress belief model should be adopted. Under this approach, the three common causes of hypertension in African Americans are combined into one protocol. Then, health care professionals work with patients to introduce solutions that will tackle the root causes of these problems. (Heckler, 2008) Moulton, S. A. (2009). Hypertension in African Americans and Its Related Chronic Diseases. Journal of Cultural Diversity, 165 - 170. Moreover, Moulton (2009) found that African Americans are more susceptible to a number of conditions related to hypertension (including: heart disease, stroke and kidney failure). This is used to illustrate three main points from the article to include: the higher number of cases among this segment of the population, the role of health care professionals and the importance of education. (Moulton, 2009) These elements are showing the scope of the problem by
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