Approaching Five Years – Language, Conversations And Questions

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Approaching five years – language, conversations and questions become more complex. Grammar becomes more accurate. The pictures in the story books are to help them enjoy the story and not need words. They begin to write and recognise their name and commonly used words.

Between five and seven years - their language both written and spoken continue to build they can now hold a conversation and imagine and recall stories. They will continue to learn how to understand text and recognise letters, sounds and words.

Children’s vocabulary – their vocabulary will grow between the ages of seven and twelve with help from adults around them. They might need help with spelling but should understand the different tenses and grammar. They will be …show more content…

They start to share and consider other people needs and feelings. They like to help adults.

Between the ages of four and seven- They like structure and routine and start to understand rules. Children learn a lot about how things work. They learn about people and the world. They like to be given responsibility and like to help others to. They love to play in groups but taking turn can be hard they can form friendships but they can be broken quickly as they still need help to resolve little disagreements.

Teenage years – become a teenager mean they become more independent and less reliant they no longer need support from an adult. They begin to understand what acceptable behaviour is and what us not and learn what is right and wrong. When getting older you form strong friendships but may need adults to step in when a disagreement or argument happens.

Teenagers – they may become self-conscious due to their body changing and need reassurance while becoming an adult. They may face some emotional changes or feeling that may be difficult for them to understand or control getting them to shift between childish and adult behaviour and needs. They become independence and gaining it may make them distance and become closer to peers. They start to think for themselves and have their own opinions on things that parents/ others may not agree with. Strong friendships are begin to

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