Apush Chapter 2 Summary

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1. In 1916 Jeannette Pickering Rankin became the first woman to be elected into the United States congress. Rankin gave women a voice at a time they did not have one. She was the only woman who voted to give women the right to vote. She opened debates in congress about a constitutional amendment which gave all women the right to vote. Rankin paved the way for women like Alice Mary Robertson (who became the first to overthrow a man in a general election). She made it possible for people like myself to speak out against society.
2. On December 18 1917 the 18th amendment which banned the sale of any alcoholic beverage with an alcoholic content greater than 2.75% was proposed by the United States Senate. On January 17 1919 the amendment became ratified. At first Americans were in agreement with this amendment because Dry activists reasoned that the barley which was used in beer brewing could be made into bread to feed American soldiers. People became desperate …show more content…

Filipino, along with Latino farmworkers joined together in a strike on September 8, 1965. This strike became known as the Delano Grape Pickers Strike. The Delano area grape growers paid the workers poorly and left them in terrible conditions. This began a strike led by Cesar Chavez. Cesar convinced the strikers to vow to remain nonviolent. He set an example and showed the strikers that nonviolence was more powerful than violence because it presses people to be creative. He went on a 25 day fast drinking only water as an act of repentance for those who supported violence. His fast did not encourage the growers to pay the workers better so he and the United Farm Workers (UFW) travelled across the U.S. telling stories, and gathering support for the grape boycott. The stories told connected families in large cities to families working on farms and vineyards. Millions of people stopped eating grapes and this lead to the success of the boycott. This victory secured a place for the UFC in the civil rights

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