Arab Spring American Revolution

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The Arab Spring is generally defined as the series of anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread across the Middle East in early 2011. Almost all of the major countries in the Middle East such as Syria, Jordan, and Morocco were all involved in these protests. Each country had unique demands that led to major uprising throughout the Middle East. Through a major exploration and study, it is clear the Arab Spring had key reasons for failing and succeeding which has led to modern day conflicts.
Syria is the clearest proof that the Arab Spring failed. The main reforms Syrian protesters desired was freedom from the Assad regime, allowance of political parties, equal rights for Kurds, and the freedom of speech press and authority. Not only did the protesting against Bashar Al-Assad fail, but it lead to an ongoing civil war that has
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King Mohammed VI led an absolute monarchy in the country and many Moroccans fought for octal and economic reform, which is exactly what they got. The King willingly gave up a majority of his power and had a re election for all of parliament. In Jordan, King Abdullah was faced with upset from his people due to unemployment and government corruption. As a result of these complaints, Abdullah allowed for a re election for parliament as well as considering the possibility for Jordan to be a democratic state. Clearly the Arab Spring can still be argued as a success do to the peaceful and satisfying results of protests in countries like Morocco and Jordan.
The Arab Spring is faced with many different initial goals and resulting outcomes. Due to the vast amount of countries involved in the uprising, there is not concrete way to answer if the Arab Spring was truly a success or failure. Each country has different cultural, social, religious, and economic situations which greatly affected the result of each country's
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