Arcanians Research Paper

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The Arcanian civilization was once a great empire. It was a civilization of perseverance and skill. Arcania originated in Greece after a group of 1,000 slaves broke free of Greece's rule following Alexander the Great's death. During the confusion of Alexander the Great's death in 323 B.C., a Greek slave named Lucian Spiros lead a revolt against Sparta which was where they were enslaved. They won their independence with a surprisingly low amount of casualties, and preceded to conquer Sparta and its army. Then armed with a great army they conquered all of Greece. Lucian Spiros was fond of Geek culture and decided to adopt it for his civilization's culture. The Arcanians believed in the Greek gods, however, their belief in the god's powers differed. Lucian Spiros lead his civilization as a monarchy, and he ruled as king. He allowed authentic Greek culture to exist just as long as Greece remained loyal to him. The highest class of Arcania was the king and any government official, the middle class was composed of farmers, merchants, citizens, teachers, etc. The lowest class was composed of women, slaves, and foreigners. Since Arcania was located in Greece the terrain was very…show more content…
Arcania was no longer just a civilization, but an empire. Regulus ruled with an iron fist and was not as lenient as his father Lucian. He made very strict laws and would severely punish anyone who disobeyed them. Regulus also implemented currency in the form of silver coins. The Arcanian people were not fond of how Regulus ruled and plotted to overthrow him. However, Regulus found out about these people and threatened to kill anyone affiliated with them. This dissuaded anyone from carrying out with this plan. Ten years prior to his death at age 50 in 269 B.C., Regulus began the formation of trade routes. He intended them to be for trading gems, spices, agriculture and anything else that was of importance to
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