Archetypal Theory In The Epic Of Wrath And Odyssey By Homer

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Many Epics display archetypal theory which means that characters, images or situations are repeated throughout history in different places of the world. Some believe humans were born knowing certain archetypes. This is shown when epics have the same general reoccurring themes, character and situations when there could not of been communication between cultures. This is shown in the Epic of Gilgamesh by N. K. Sanders and Odyssey by Homer, since they both have characteristics of archetypal theory. Accordingly, both stories have a mentor influencing the plot line. They both have a mentor helping them prepare for their journey. The Odyssey states, “She (Athena) went through the town recruiting sailors”(Homer 26). The Epic of Gilgamesh states, “He appointed strong allies for Gilgamesh, sons of one mother, and stationed them in the mountain caves. The great winds he appointed: the north wind, the whirlwind, the stone and icy wind, the tempest and the scorching wind”(N.K.Sanders 8). These both show how they helped give them the materials they need to go on their journey. In addition, each mentor looks over them. In the Odyssey, Theoclymenus states, “Telemachus, that bird did not fly by on our right/Without a god sending it”(Homer 238). The Epic of Gilgamesh states, “Shamash, abhor, do not forget him; but let the dawn, Aya, your dear bride, remind you always, and when the day is done give him to the watchman at night to keep him from harm”(N.K.Sanders 8). These both show how each

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