Archetype In Sleeping Beauty

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Imagine being just 6 years years old and having your mom tell you there is a woman who has cursed you to death, hates you, and won’t die till you do. Aurora had to live with all that and she had to live in hiding with 2 whackjob fairies taking care of her. That was all because her parents didn’t invite someone to her birth celebration. In the film Sleeping Beauty a beautiful, elegant, and kind young maiden is born. Maleficent who the lunatic of the story does not get invited to the celebration of Aurora's birth.This makes her so angry that she places a curse upon Aurora. After the curse Maleficent made it her life goal to make Aurora's life miserable and short. In the film, Sleeping Beauty, the director Clyde Germoni uses the archetype of the sadist to show that we as humans are full of jealousy and hate toward people that are better than us because humans are insecure about themselves.

In the beginning of the film Sleeping Beauty Maleficent has an overbearing amount of Jealousy toward Aurora and how everyone loves her. Maleficent's end goal was to make sure Aurora somehow ended up dead. If she couldn’t die then Maleficent wanted to make her life and everyone who ever loved her miserable. Those actions therefore connect to my archetype,”The Sadist,” because Maleficent shows how she just wants to create pain and sadness. She doesn’t care how far she needs to go to do that as long as Aurora is breathing. That need for Aurora to be gone also contributes to how loony and

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