Archetypes In King Arthur And Odysseus

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Archetypes have persisted in literary works through the sands of time and continue to be applied in today’s literature. Throughout traditional and modern literature, the formulaic structure of myths and the use of archetypes has been utilized in a consistent manner. Although many would argue that the universal application of archetypes has been erratic and intermittent through time, the implementation of the major hero and mentor archetypes within the tale of King Arthur and The Odyssey, and the refined utilization of archetypes in modern literature, exhibit the universality of archetypes in different cultures and time periods.

The hero archetype in both the tale of King Arthur and The Odyssey exemplifies its omnitude in British and Greek culture respectively. Although each hero delineates his own culture’s values during different times, it is evident that both share similar qualities and traits pertaining to the hero archetype. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus is representative of the Greek values of rule through Gods and Goddesses. In contrast, King Arthur represents British values of rule without the significant influence of supernatural beings. Granted that each story contains nearly opposite values, the hero archetype is still able to resonate in both characters. One of the main heroic aspects portrayed by each character is their dynamic personalities. Both King Arthur and Odysseus are distinguished as vigorous, audacious, and most importantly wise in each of their

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