Archetypes In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Archetypes represent the key to the gateway into making great stories, in that they give meaning and a dynamic style to the story.Sir Gawain and the Green Knight possessed many archetypes that play a key role in the story to help save the honor of Camelot. These archetypes take the form of situational, characteristic, color, and symbolic figures. Each of these archetypes plays a role in defining the central theme of the story, such as in the “call to adventure”(Campbell 45) which helps the hero develop character to prepare him in the “belly of the whale”(Campbell 159) and how the conflict in the “zone of magnified power” involved in shaping that hero. Gawain meets many new characters during his quest to save his community from dishonor. One of the main characters who is represented as the green knight who gives meaning to a conflict by telling Gawain why his wife was trying to wou him. With the conflict being when Gawain was going to receive the blow from The green knight, the meaning to the conflict would be that the three blows would represent three days with his wife. This develops Sir Gawain's character by revealing the flaw of not putting loyalty before life, further making gawain more mature about his actions. This is also reveals the main theme of the story with the main theme being loyalty is always before yourself. Situational archetypes are a big part of the story because they further help with adding meaning to the story. The “call to adventure”(Campbell 45) is

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