Essay about Are Cellphones Safe to Use?

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If someone was to walk down the street or in a shopping store and they looked around more than likely they would see people using cellphones everywhere. Cellphones have become an everyday need for almost everyone; they are more advanced than ever. They do just about everything there are ones that play music, game, take pictures, and even surf the web. But are cellphones safe to use in our everyday lives? Many critiques believe that cellphones are becoming increasing dangerous, hundreds of car crashes occur daily from cellphone usage and many believe that cellphones can be linked to cancer and other illnesses. The first author Louis Francescutti believe that cellphones are a safety hazard and a major distraction while driving in the…show more content…
Francescutti attempts to show that cellphone usage has increased over the years and so has the number of car crashes. She says there is a direct connection between the usage of cellphones and the crashes because they cause a distraction to the users. Cellphones are not only a danger to users but to everyone else on the road and the effects of the car crashes involves a lot of people. If a person was to kill someone because they were carelessly using a cellphone while driving not only would it affect the driver’s life legally but it would affect the family whose family member was killed. Francescutti was trying to stress the dangers of cellphone usage while driving and believes “the most effective measure for injury prevention, and success of prevention lies heavily in promoting safe practices”, this means being smart and waiting until the person who is receiving the call can safely pull over and take the call so no one is in danger. The next article shows that people are still using cellphones even though they know the danger in the article called “Phoning While Driving Continues to Increase Despite Evidence of Risk”. As with Francescutti’s article this articles notes that the measures countries are taking to prevent cellphone use while driving is failing because people are still using them even though they know the dangers and conquences. The article states “that at any time of day, 6% of drivers on U.S.
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