Are Gmo Foods Safe

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Are gmo foods safe or not? Introduction Despite what many might think, genetically modified food is well known across hundreds of nations all over the world. Genetically modified food has been around for several centuries. Are they safe to consume? Will it end world starvation? Is it sustainable to the environment? In some views GMO foods are safe and in some they aren’t. Some of the positive impacts of GMO foods are that they help the environment by increasing farm yields and are lot healthier than normal foods are helping many avoid blindness. With the good also come the bad impacts of GMO foods like damage of the eco system making many animals lose their daily appetite. Argument for GMO foods come with a lot of benefits for the human …show more content…

They do damage health and the GMO crops also have some disadvantages to themselves. Studies show that GMO foods damage the human body by many ways and are not beneficial for the human body to consume. There have been cases in the past where people can’t consume some GMO foods because they are causing allergies to them. Why is that happening? This happens because some of the genes inserted in the GMO foods might have been takes from foods that some people are allergic to. Due to that a lot of people can’t consume particular GMO foods. Studies also show that GMO foods cause organ damage to the human body and cannot be consumed as a daily food. An experiment was held is Scotland where they fed rats GM food (potatoes containing lectin) and all the rats that were fed the GM potato suffered from internal organ damage. This shows that GMO foods aren’t safe for the human body. Another disadvantage of GMO food is that they are not environmentally friendly. GM crops could prove toxic to an organism in the environment, leading to reduced numbers or extinction of that organism. By growing GMO crops they are killing a lot of pests that are food source to other animals leaving some of the animals nothing to eat which can cause extinction of many animals. The pollen on the GMO plants is also affected and when it spreads on grass or weeds which would contain the same resistance properties as the crops. So this can also kill any bugs that will land on it. There have also been cases that the GMO crops are causing the organic crops to turn into GMO crops due to the same reason. Seed farmers through the U.S have come with many complaints regarding GMO farming which come with many environmental disadvantages; the biotech seeds are contaminating the organic crops too. This tends to happen because polled transfers its self from the biotech plants to the organic plants and this causes the organic food to become

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