Are ‘Great’ Leaders Born or Made? Illustrate Your Arguments by Drawing on Examples of I) Leaders and Leadership; and Ii) Relevant Leadership Theories.

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The question of whether exceptional leaders are born with their strong leadership skills or if they develop them over their (sometimes quite short) lives has been a point of controversy for a long time, making many scientists scratch their heads. In the 20th century there was a strong belief that we are able to become whoever we want to, nowadays, due to rapid progress in genetics we are being told that our genes can make us prone to be more aggressive, have diabetes, cancer…but does it actually mean we can be predetermined to be good leaders as well? In order to make my essay as impartial as possible, I will analyze examples of leaders of different backgrounds, varying from Osama Bin Laden to Arnold Schwarzenegger and…show more content…
At an early age of 12 he was already engaging himself in conversations with religious leaders in Jerusalem, which clearly indicate his gregarious nature and emotional intelligence well beyond his age. Throughout his life he also kept his commitments, which is something that few leaders can boast about, since many of them tend to adjust to constantly changing circumstances. He also preached humility and love to each other. He practised what he preached too - by washing his disciples' feet - something that would normally be carries out only by slaves. If we were to classify his type of leadership even further, we could use University of Michigan Study which identifies two behaviour characteristics associated with effective leadership: ‘Employee oriented’ or ‘Production oriented'. Since religion can be compared in certain aspects to any other industry, describing Jesus as an “employee oriented” leader would be the most suitable comparison due to his sensitivity to followers needs. In spite of him displaying all those leadership traits, I think it is important to remember that he grew up knowing that he was special. If we look back at the very beginning of his life, right at his birth he was visited by the Magi (Three Wise Men). Various passages of the bible indicate that Jesus was a scholar learned in the scriptures and religious literature which was widely available at the time. Having all of this in mind, we can clearly see that he was obviously
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