Essay on Are Humans Animals, Or Are They Something More?

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Human beings should be more than animals, but are they really? In Republic, by Plato, Antigone, by Sophocles, The Aeneid of Virgil, by Virgil, and On Justice Power and Human Nature, by Thucydides, it seems as though human beings really are nothing more than animals.
Animals are thought of as not caring about anyone but himself or herself. It is survival of the fittest, if you are not strong enough, someone else will take your place. Human should be caring for other human beings, if someone is in trouble, another human should help them. This is not the way it is in these 3 works. Humans don’t care about anyone but themselves, they kill so they can better themselves, and don’t care what happens. It seems as …show more content…

Haemon is the only one in this play that does anything respectable by killing himself to show Creon that he was wrong by forbidding the burial of Polynices, and sentencing Antigone to death for burying Polynices.
The Aeneid of Virgil gives some of the best examples of how humans are nothing more than animals. “Within, unholy Rage shall sit on his ferocious weapons, bound behind his back by a hundred knots of brass; he shall groan horribly with bloody lips.” (Virgil p.11) This sounds incredibly barbaric. This shows that the urge for war in ancient Rome is so strong, that it can almost not be withstood. It has to be held back with something so strong, Virgil describes it as brass. Humans are thought of as being civil, and at peace with each other. Looking for war all the time is more animal like. Animals kill other animals for food; humans are killing humans for bragging rights. All their looking for is to expand their empire. Expanding your empire is not necessary as long as it is being sustained as it is.
“Three times Achilles had dragged Hector round the walls of Troy, selling his lifeless body for gold.” (Virgil p 18) This is absolutely repulsive. Selling a dead man’s body for gold is totally not called for. Hector was Troy’s most fearless warrior. Achilles succeeded in killing him, let the man be buried, not dragged around the

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