Are Men And Blame For The Objectification Of Women?

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Are Only Men to Blame for the Objectification of Women? Social forces influence our daily lives regardless of our awareness to them. This understanding illustrates the sociological imagination which challenges accepted beliefs and encourages questioning certain practises. Generally, society accepts what they are told about what it means to be a female. We rarely question practises that degrade females despite the blatant diminishing of women being frowned upon. The objectification of women can not be solely blamed on men as both genders contribute to the sexualization of women. Despite the fact that many men continue to deny that women are objectified, being viewed as an object created solely as a means of pleasure for men is a reality for anyone who was born biologically female. Proving that women are considered less valuable than men is the statistic that women make only 70% of what men in a similar career earns (Ravelli & Webber 214). The sexaul double standard contributes to this idea as well which means that women who engage in sexual activities are “promiscuous” (Ravelli & Webber 237) or “whores” (Ravelli & Webber 237) while men who behave similarly are “Studs” (Ravelli & Webber 237) and women who do not engage in sexual activities are “virgins” (Ravelli & Webber 237) or “Madonna’s” (Ravelli & Webber 237). There are only two portrayals of women and both of these refer to her sexual activities. There are also outrageous definitions of beauty portrayed in the media to

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