Are Phones Affecting Kids And Teens

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Javier Are Phones Affecting Kids And Teens JIMMY!! Put your phone down and get to work!! STOP watching youtube!!! Kids are so addicted to their phones. They don't even know they wake up looking like zombies and they don't even care. Should kids be allowed to use their phones too much. Because some kids use them too much, even all night. One reason is a lot of teens and children check their phones hourly.In the graph, “How Are Teens Using Their Cell Phones,” it states nearly 80% of teens check their phone hourly.”KIds and teens are glued to there phones. This proves how kids and teens are addicted to their phones. It's just like breathing it's automatic. Your phone is like a glue. One you use it it's hard to get off. Secondly kids don't really know how much they're using their phones. Sometimes they use it all night. We know from other research that short sleep and irregular sleep schedule can leave people feeling tired and low on battery. It can be detrimental to their physical health and ability to learn too. Stated, “Marshall”. This Easily shows that kids are addicted to their phones since kids and teens using phones all night school grades and physical abilities such as sports are declining. This shows that kids don't care they walk into school looking like headless zombies.…show more content…
Female kids receive and said about 80 texts per day. Male kids send and receive about 30 text per day. This demonstrates how much kids use their phones daily. It's just like flipping your pencil, it's something that occupies your fidgety. It cures your fidgets (fidgets for your
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