Are Roadside Memorials a Distraction for Drivers?

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Unlike a grave site memorial, which marks where a body is burried, roadside memorials shows where a person died abruptly and unpredictably. When we see one, we get curious automatically and ask what might have happened in that place. Perhaps the basic reaction that we give when we see a roadside memorial is enough to understand its purpose and tolerate its presence when we are on the road. However, Some of the usual arguments that people post in opposing the presence of these memorials are dangerous distractions for drivers, illegal displays of religious symbols and it constitute the taking of public property for private purposes (Tiernan, 2009). I would like to argue all these arguments as I believe that the relevance of memorials outweighs all these concerns. I really cannot consider memorials are dangerous as distraction for drivers. I cannot believe that a mere memorial can become a distraction. The only thing that can happen to a driver when he or she sees a memorial is that she/he will drive slowly before passing it out of curiosity. This argument is simply based on probability and there is no evidence that memorial had caused road accidents. What memorial has caused is to make people understand that something had happened in that place and that perhaps they should become careful in order to prevent it from happening again. Moreover, I cannot believe that people will actually say that there is a limitation where people can display religious symbols. Although I
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