Are Robots Bad For Society

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Imagine the robots, we created actually started to supersede us because we have so many machines that now we don't have a input in them. Humans interact with robots by replacing the robots with the person in front of us. Robots can help with activity that are hard for humans to do. When people think of robots, they often imagine it actually helps them, but also they are not always as much helpful as we think. Robots are both good and bad for society: They are good as they help us with our actions in everyday life and bad when humans are replaced by these robots.

Robots assist us save our time, by showing a way to our destination in devices. Additionally, now day when we have to go somewhere, we can ask the device to show the way. In the article "The Robot Revolution" the author writes, "How on earth are you going to get to your soccer game on time now? Easy! Your mom pulls out her smartphone an enters the address of the soccer field." In other words, robots are helpful to us is because, for example, if we ever get lost we could search the location out in a phone and follow the path to our target.

Replacement of human by robots leads to unstable society . More specifically, humans are being exchanged by robots. In the article the author includes "last year, a company in China called Foxconn
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According to the text, robots do everything for us, whatever we tell them to do, but "Are robots slowly but surely taking over the world? It's an exciting thought for some but scary for thousands of others." In other words, lots of people are happy about the fact that robots are here to help us, but in other hand people think robots are slowly taking over our world. For example, owners of company are elated about the fact of substituting humans with robots, which is hurting the people who is being
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