Are The Police Our Friends?

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Are the police our friends? Are they really protecting us? Or are they taking advantage of their powers? As humans, we always look at the negatives of all situations, and never the positives. Well, the police force have saved us from many fatal incidents and have protected us from the day we were born. Sadly, we tend to criticize them for the all the things they did wrong. Questionable events occur from time to time, raising attention throughout the world and especially on social media. The most projected incidents raise attention as a result to the race,age, gender and colour of the individual. The primary reasons why racial stereotyping is difficult to overcome are a result to past controversial police incidents, police carding and how police culture and police personality have taken a huge role in the topic.

Firstly, police have a number of cases against them, regarding violent and unexpected acts on their ends. Soon, police brutality became a word that popped up more often. Many of the incidents caused chaos in the streets and people protested for answers. What sparked the fire was that most of these incidents were mainly addressed with black males. Many incidents that led to death or severe injuries like Rodney King, Robert Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner. These drastic events spark questions within the police force. Were they trained properly, or were they just sent out in the field with a badge and a uniform? In an online article, it said “Garner was killed after

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