Are There Risks And Confidentiality When Conducting On Line Counseling?

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Are there risks to confidentiality when conducting on-line counseling?
Yes there is risk to confidentiality when conducting online counseling. Online counseling does not guaranty discretion there are security breaches and there as well as other security measures that have not been thought of to help keep and protect privacy (Coleman, 2000). Another breach that could occur as far as confidentiality when conducting on-line counseling is breach in data, WIFI and or secure networks, like using public computers and or public non-secure WIFI. These sources of accessing the internet have been known to have security breaches all the time. For example in recent news OPM has a had a security breach for its government and contract employees where all of their private information had been hacked into this includes any information you had to give up on your neighbors and any foreign information that was part of your background check as well as all personal and identifiable information, This breach violated all HIPAA training and requirements.
Also online counseling can leave space for misunderstandings of information received and observed which can result in mismanagement, negligence’s and better opportunity for incorrect diagnosis or treatment (Coleman, 2000). For example with emails and text messages people misconstrue information that is being received all the time, if there is not a comma in the right place or you accidently put something in all in caps it could be received as you
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