Are You Addicted to the Computer

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Computer, the most powerful and advanced tool for people is widely used all around the world every day. This technology improved out ways of doing works and entertainments. But overly use of computer technology can creates addiction and loss of privacy. Computer can be used in many different ways, working, studying, gaming and even more. For instance, the workers can finish all tasks just easily by flicking keyboard on a simple computer.
Unfortunately, because of the commonly using of computer and Internet, people get anxious and worried when being offline. This means they are addicted to Internet. More formally and professionally; it’s called Internet Use Disorder. But no much people know this term, so what is a more professional definition for Internet Use Disorder? Internet use disorder is basically a new types of addiction that “Its symptoms include a preoccupation with gaming, withdrawal symptoms (Such as anxiety and irritability) while offline, the need to speed increasing amounts of time gaming (called “Tolerance”),” The aftermath of this addiction well creates “loss of other interests and hobbies, inability to and jeopardizing opportunities because of gaming.”-From LIVESCIENCE. This type of disorder mostly happens to juniors, the so-called “Digital Natives”.
Usually the kids are highly addict to computer gaming because they were born with computers technology, Kids nowadays can use Internet very well. But the problem is, they don’t use internet on studying, but

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