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Production line
In this report will be analysed the current production line of a manufacturing company that produces three different products. Because the system is consuming too much resources and it’s not very efficiently, ways to improve all this factors is needed. By identifying the bottleneck an alternative solution can be proposed for this problem. Due to increases of demand, and the need to reduce production costs, the company is considering ways of effectively reducing Work-in-Process and also reducing throughput times whilst maintaining a good level of resources utilization. For analysing the production line, a simulation model was built using Arena software program, based on information provided by company. The
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The Station module defines a station (or a set of stations) corresponding to a physical or logical location where processing occurs. (Picture above)
The Route module transfers an entity to a specified station or the next station in the station visitation sequence defined for the entity. A delay time define by a triangular distribution “TRIA(2,3,4)” is defined in every route module for our model(traveling time between each station).
The first station used is “System In “ so that all component are getting into the system, followed by the “Component Start “ route, witch guide each component to the correct station that they need to go.
After all the components are in the system they have to follow a particular route depending of the component type, so for that all the Route modules send the component after a sequence define in Sequence-Advanced Transfer. (Picture below).

Thus , using Station modules and Route modules all the component are moving from one station to another following exactly the specified road.(picture route module below).
For the components to be machined, Process module was chosen. (pic below)

For the first station the name of the process is “Cutting Machine 1” ,type Standard(no point to work with sub models), and the action type is “Seize Delay Release “ because the component is entering in the machine (cutting machine in this case), which means
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