Argument Analysis Of Charles Schwertner Is A Texas Tribune Who Wrote `` Tuition Deregulation Is Failing Texas Students '

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Argument Analysis paper
Charles Schwertner is a Texas Tribune who wrote “Tuition deregulation is failing Texas students” in December, 11, 2014 and published in website. His main audience are Texas students. His argument presents the “broken system” of tuition and fees at public universities had left many students in debt. Students’ debt accumulated and surpassed credit card debt to be a second source of debt in our country. His argument does have some flaws, but overall it really convinces me that tuition and fees at college are a big problem today.
Schwerner’s thesis of his argument is about tuition and fees at university had risen for a decade and now left many students in debt. As university tuition and fees increase, students are more eager about considering going to a university. If they want to go, they have to take out a loan, and after getting a Bachelor degree or master degree, their debt will accumulate to be a huge number. That is why the author demanded that university tuition and fees should be affordable for all the students. It should not be affordable for only wealthy people or those who willing to take out a loan. With affordable university tuition and fees, students are more willing to go to university and their fear of being in debt will vanish. In conclusion, the logic in his argument is really convincing me.
Here are some flaws in his argument. According to Schwertzer, “the average student borrower in Texas now graduates with more than
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