Abortion Is Wrong Essay

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Many people base their opinion on if abortion is wrong is based off the opinion of when a person feels that life has begun. Many women who discover that they will be having a baby soon become really happy about the idea. Also, some who get abortions feel that pregnancy is nothing more than an inconvenience. Sometimes this inconvenience is sought to be an issue that can easily be resolved such as adoption or abortion methods. There are also times where conflicting issues create consideration about if the baby should be kept.
For example, discovering you may birth a special needs child who may be potentially blind or death. A woman may consider abortion not because she doesn’t want her child, but for the sake of her child not having to …show more content…

Perhaps more women should be lobbying for informed-choice, instead of only pro-choice” (References to The Fertility Sourcebook). I believe that statutes that make partial birth abortions murder or feticide are wise public policy because women should know and understand this circumstance to the full extent. As said before, there is a strong possibility some women who have gotten an abortion would have reconsidered upon understanding all the facts about abortion. With all these given issues as outcomes, a woman may begin to consider if an abortion is worth the potential outcomes and if it outweighs all of them. The statutes should help contribute on the thought of going through with this act. At the end of the day abortion is ultimately wrong, because it is the taking of another’s life. Although, I also feel that when determining if abortion is illegal or legal, the phases of pregnancy should be considered. During the first four weeks of pregnancy, the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) begins to form, the heart begins to form, arm and leg buds begin to develop, and the baby has now become an embryo at this point. At weeks of pregnancy, all major organs have begun to form, the baby’s heart begins to beat and pump blood, the arms and legs grow longer, fingers and toes have begun to form, sex organs begin to form, the face begins to develop features, and the umbilical cord is clearly visible. By the end of the eighth week of pregnancy, the

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