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Narrative news Cast : Technology is ruining students and teens lives, These are the solutions Boom! Everybody's eyes turn towards a young sixth grade boy, who was praying that his computer did not shatter on the floor. Suddenly he picks it up with disappointment in his eyes, and walks to the media center. Now that technology is more popular in schools, there are many flaws about it. First of all, students are breaking technology piece by piece. Laptops and tablets are very slippery and they can easily fall of desks, binder and students hands.
Reiley Lesyk interviewed one of her classmates, Raegan Chioino. Raegan has had a bad situation with her personal, school laptop. She was in Miss. Moffenbeiers class when her laptop …show more content…

Students are up late not doing homework on paper, but on eletronics doing digital work. Also, digital lights or unnatural lights can be very bad for teens minds
On an article called, How technology Impacts Sleep Quality, it quotes, “The blue light emitted by screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions restrain the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle. . .” Because of new laptops and tablets sleep schedules are allover the place. Bright light is not good to wake up to or go to sleep just seeing. This is not good for students eyes, brains, or their sleep.
Luckily, There are many ways that teens are able to get more sleep before they are too tired to even try and fix the problem. One of the worst problems that teens need to fix to get the desired sleep time is to turn off their phone and school electronics off earlier before bed. Most teens are up for hours on end, playing games and watching videos way after they should be asleep. Reiley Lesyk took a poll of her classmates sleep. For then 30% of her classmates get 6 or less hours of sleep every night. An option to fix this is to put it down 30 minutes before bed so they can go to bed easier. Or an option is to put their phone where they can't easily grab it when their bored. Students and teens can put it plugged in away from their bed. Technology is cutting into sleep and that is not a good thing for people now and for the

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