Later School Start Time Research Paper

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Making a Change DING! DING! That awful sound of the alarm goes off. Sound familiar? For many middle school and high school students across America this is just a typical early weekday morning. This isn’t because teens are lazy, it is because of the school start times. I think teen students’ need a later school start time for many supported reasons. Although, schools starting later means school would end later and possibly interfere with extra-curricular activities, school times should be should be pushed back to later times because students will have a better sleep pattern, students health will improve, and students will have better academic performance. First, school times should be pushed back to later start times because students will not be sleep deprived. Many teenagers are not getting enough sleep and this is due to early school start times. A National Sleep Foundation Poll reported 28% of teenagers fall asleep at least once a week during first hour of school due to their lack of sleep. This means that…show more content…
This can be true to some students, but can also not be true to others. Most students will still be able be involved in extracurricular activities and perform later in school if they have the responsibility to maintain good grades, stay healthy, and get enough sleep. Indeed, while schools starting later means school would end later and possibly interfere with extracurricular activities, schools should be pushed back to later times. The change of students’ sleep pattern, students’ health improvement, and students’ academic performance would be amazing. Not changing is very harmful and life-threatening to the students of America. The entire next generation, physically and academically, could be at serious risk when the solution is as simple as change in the high school starting
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