Argumentative Essay On Technology And Sleep

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Even though technology has a negative connotation when sleep is involved, technology actually can help, instead of hinder, your ability to sleep. There are plenty of apps created for the purpose of helping the downloader sleep better. With all the negatives, the positives of technology are often overlooked, such as these apps. Technology would continue to assist today’s society, even though there are some downsides. Today, most research done on technology’s effect on sleep has been focused on how technology makes sleeping more difficult. Technology can become a distraction and keep your brain active as a result of using it before going to sleep. The National Sleep Foundation even discovered through a poll that “nine of 10 Americans reported …show more content…

Sleepnumber beds, the beds which you can alter the firmness or softness of the bed with a touch of a button, now use this technology in their SleepIQ feature. There are beds now designed with sensors inside them that send the data recorded each night to the owner’s phone. With this, you can receive even more accurate data points about your sleeping patterns because the bed’s sensors will cover more area than one minute phone can manage. Sleep alarms are quite similar to the tracking apps. They keep track of your movements, which is exactly what the sleep tracking apps do as well. Most sleep tracker apps include the smart alarm feature as well. When using the app, you set the alarm to wake you around a particular time. Then, the app takes note of when your movements signal that you are in a stage of light sleep around the time you want to be awoken and chooses the prime time for your alarm to go off in order to arouse you from your sleep. This feature makes waking up less of a difficulty. Waking up when your mind is in light sleep is easier than waking up to an alarm going off in the middle of deep sleep. These apps make your day more enjoyable because you woke up at a reasonable time and were not abruptly being awoken at the least opportune time for you to wake

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