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03 November 2017
Nursing Homes
Just the mere mention of “nursing home” causes most people to shudder and think, “I would never put my relative in such a ghastly place.” There are a great deal of horror stories that stem from nursing homes, most along the lines of , “ My mother was neglected after I put her in a nursing home. I would go to visit her and she would be lying in urine and have a new bruise, different than the one that was there last time.” There seems to be this popular perception that nursing homes are places where aging people go to wait out their final days and die; this causes many individuals to shun them. People are too caught up on these negative stories they …show more content…

The predominance of residents in nursing homes are long- term, meaning they will never recover enough to be on their own again. For every 100 residents there are 35 that will die in the nursing home and 37 will transfer to a hospital before dying (Day). This does not mean that it was the facilities fault, it just shows that many patients are already reaching their final days when they are placed in a nursing home. People should not expect the nursing homes to revitalize every single resident, considering most are in there for extreme health problems.
The nursing homes that are present today have definitely evolved a great deal from where they first started. Before the 19th century, no age-restricted institutions existed in order to care for long term residents. The elderly people who had an incapacity, were impoverished, or had no family, often ended their days in almshouses (FATE). In these almshouses, elders had to live with those who were insane, intoxicated, and homeless. The older individuals ended up being the dominant residents in the almshouses so superintendents changes the names of these asylums. By 1923, the proportion of elders had increased to 67% in the institutions, and managers stated they could find everything they needed (FATE). This began the formation of nursing homes, however, there was still a negative view that came from the almshouses. People still

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