Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Is abortion wrong? Does a fetus have rights? Should a woman have the right to abort if she decides she does not want to have a child? Should a father have a say in whether a fetus is aborted or carried to term? There are countless reasons a woman may choose to have an abortion. Abortion is a controversial and emotional topic that sparks a great deal of debate. Hearing facts will assist one in deriving a more knowledgeable stance on the matter.
There are several situations that may cause a woman to choose to have an abortion. For instance, if she conceived due to the result of a rape or incest, she may not want to carry the child to term. While the mother may not want a constant reminder running around, bringing back memories of what had happened to her, luckily, abortion is not her only option. Numerous families are unable to have children of their own and would be extremely grateful to be able to adopt a newborn. If she becomes pregnant unexpectedly and is not in a position in her life to raise a child, she may feel she does not currently want to have a child. In the event test results show the child will be born with a life-threatening disability, the mother may choose to abort. A woman might also choose to abort if her medical (ectopic pregnancy) or mental health would be in jeopardy by continuing the pregnancy (Finer et al. 112). Nevertheless, there are laws in place that allow a woman to decide whether the unborn child lives or dies.
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