Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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The Argumentative of Abortion

Tatiyana Holliday
Abortion: 4th Block
September 26, 2017

Each and every day all around the world, half of the women population are aborting an innocent human being. Why ? you ask, well I wonder too! Abortion is a termination of human pregnancy, mostly done the first 28weeks. It is and sensitive subject to some people while others have their pros and cons among this topic. The fetus is still considered an human being just like the mother/carrier of it. Everyone has a choice to keep a baby or to get rid of the baby, we all should know what we are willing to get ourselves into and the causes of it which leads to getting pregnant. I agree that there are many good points on why abortion is an good thing and a bad thing. The good deeds of having an abortion is that a woman should only abort a child if the baby is suffering , the carrier has been raped , abused, she no longers wants to carry her rapist/abuser child, also if the mother can not take care of the baby financially, and ONLY if the baby has not grown over a certain amount of weeks and develops a part of its body. The cons of abortion is aborting a child that didn’t ask to come into the world, aborting it because it was an mistake or because you just don’t want it. I believe that there any many valid ways to prevent abortion. Most abortions take place because the partner that help created the baby did not encourage the mother. It takes two to make a

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