Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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Animal Testing Animal testing is known as animal experiments. This type of testing is driven to test chemicals, drugs, foods, etc. People say that animal testing is good for people because this is a chance to save more lives in the U.S.; then another part say that animal testing is bad because some of the tests that they do on them is not always effecting humans in the same way. To tell the truth, animal testing is good if wanting to save the population that we live in. All drugs may not affect humans and animals the same way, but testing is done on animals because their body corresponds like peoples. The good thing about animal testing is that it ensures human safety; all tests cannot ethically be done on humans, and treated animals give better test results. Animal testing ensures human safety by the drugs that is given to people every day. Medical researchers need to know the understanding of health problems before treating them. Some diseases and health problems involve processes that can only be studied in living organism. According to Pro-Test, the website “strongly supports animal testing as crucially necessary to further medical science” (“WELCOME”). The way animal testing contribute lifesaving cures is by testing animals. The intentions of testing animals are basically to cure humans of their diseases. For instance, when testing pregnant animals with thalidomide it is a “potential causing for sever birth defects” (Animal). In this case, if they get the thalidomide
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