Argumentative Essay On Anti Immigration

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The United States of America, land of the free, was established based on the idea of immigration. The beauty of America is that it gives opportunities to those who need a better platform to showcase their talents and live a better life. It draws out the best from people if they use the opportunities they are provided in a correct manner. America has helped many immigrants since the past to live a life they dreamed of by providing necessary amenities such as healthcare, education system and workforce. Since the passing of the immigration and naturalization act of 1965, the country has seen a mass migration from the Asian, African and Latino countries (U.S. Immigration Since 1965). Today, vast majority of the citizens are concerned with the growing immigrant population, despite the fact, they all virtually come from an immigrant background. However, regardless of what the critics say, history can’t deny how exceptional the immigrants have changed this country. Immigration is one of the greatest asset this country has and must remain welcomed by the US government as the …show more content…

The subject of immigration is very significant in today’s world as the leader of this nation, Donald Trump, promote intolerance towards the new comers. Unfortunately, anti-immigration critics don’t understand that the policy of immigration is beneficial to not just the newcomers but also the nation. These ambitious immigrants add value to the nation’s economy and workforce when they come in to the country with legal documents. Losing these individuals would mean losing the cultural and the resources they bring in with them that helps create a better America. With this in mind, the diversity throughout the nation makes America look one of a kind from the rest of the world. Without a doubt, America should continue to show love and compassion towards the immigrants that made America what it is

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