Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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Ally Breyer’s “Do beauty pageants cause more harm than good” gives a background on the pageant world and how there will always be people that agree and some that disagree with pageants. The pageant world either makes a woman feel powerful in the world or make her feel powerless because of pageants. Beauty pageants help you win scholarships, to get back into the community, and to engage in public service. People take beauty pageants as sexist, but if there are girl only sports and those sports are not sexist, then why are pageants being labeled as sexist. Being that some pageants are broadcasted live on the internet or TV, the woman that win need to know how to take the title and show it off the right way. They need to have the right mindset on the fame and money. Women need to want the crown with passion and respect it with honor. Rebecca Reid’s “Beauty pageants are sexist and outdated and need to stop” disagree with pageants, while Rebecca Ruiz’s “In defence of the pageant why some women feel empowered” agree with the world of beauty pageants.
Rebecca Reid, author of “Beauty pageants are sexist and outdated and need to stop” disagrees with the world of pageants. She shows how her own story puts the image of pageants in her head. Before she felt pretty she didn’t want to participate in a pageant because she was afraid of someone telling her she was not good enough. She read where the representative of the UK had to lose weight to compete in the Miss United Continents. She
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