Argumentative Essay On Censorship

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Censorship is the act of filtering what an audience of something hears and sees. This is an effective method for mothers to protect their children from being exposed to things they do not fully understand, however it can be harmful once it is put into the hands of the government, because it crosses some moral and ethical lines. It violates the people’s right to freedom of expression. It would also make it much simpler to hide information from the people or to give them false information in the form of propaganda. Therefore, censorship is both positive and negative and its power should be left in the hands of parents rather than the government. The people that control what is censored are groups of people who find it either misleading or harmful and believe that others should not be exposed to it either, but this system seems unfair and biased against those who do not have an issue with the challenged work. American author Mark Twain once stated that “Censorship is telling a man that he can’t eat a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.” This quote is very true because the complaints one person has about a book or TV show should not stop people who want to view the content from being able to access it. Censorship can be dangerous because it challenges the people’s first amendment right to freedom of expression. Also, if too much power is given to a group for controlling what is censored and what is not, then the government could hide important information from the
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