Argumentative Essay On Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is becoming more common and severe throughout America. McDonalds continues to boast about billions and billions of people served, as local produce farmers dwindle down. The shocking image of such young children brings the viewer’s attention to the advertisement. The color contrast of black and red helps draw attention to the phrase ‘warning’ making the viewer want to read the caption. Key phrases like ‘little girl’ tugs at the pathos of the viewer due to the usually loving nickname. In the case of the advertisement, the nickname strikes a sharp contrast to the young age of the girl and her high fat percentage. They also try and bring the little boy down, and has a picture of him with a sad unhappy face to bring the message to reality to the viewers. Due to this, many schools and parents are taking more concern in children’s health by eating healthier foods and having the children attend in physical activities daily. Although this ad can be harsh, it is showing that parents need to focus and realize what is happening to the younger generations and that America needs to put a stop to it. America wants their young generations to grow up healthy with good habits. If obesity starts at such a young age, then it will only be harder for the children in the future to have self-control. In live, people can also see that children might be bullied or made fun of at school due to their weight. As you can see in this picture, the boy and girl do not have a big smile on

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