Argumentative Essay On Climate Control

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Dawson Sanders
Mr. Coomes
ENGL 1301, Fall 2016
4 November 2016
Mankind’s Climate Control
Will mankind be able to live on Earth in 100 years? The controversy about whether human activity affects climate change has been pestering scientists, journalists, and politicians alike. Some scientists believe that global warming is significantly due to human activity, while others believe global warming is a scam. Mankind should begin to make major changes to prevent further global warming. Global warming is a major issue for all of humanity, and it should be addressed with the utmost attention.
However, there are those who disagree and would argue that mankind's lifestyles should not be altered to prevent further damage to earth's environment. In the article “Climate Change Science, Not Hype,” those who oppose state, “The very fact that we take mainstream climate science seriously will paint us a partisan on hacks in the eyes of those who insist the whole thing is a scam and that includes some scientist with doctorates of their own” (Lemonick). Some scientists think global warming is not true, and that it is just another excuse to scare people. According to the article, “The False Alert of Global Warming” by Tom Bethell states, “Whether man-made carbon-dioxide emissions have caused measurable temperature increases over the last 30 years is …show more content…

Therefore, does society want to risk the harmful effects of global warming? The effects of global warming will result in a hotter climate, rising sea levels, and more frequent and severe weather. Mankind will not like the outcome of global warming. The damage to Earth can never be undone, therefore humans must take action now. Society must reduce fossil fuel emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, if not the results will be devastating. Global warming is an important topic and society needs to realize that the future is in mankind’s

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