Argumentative Essay On Criminal Justice

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As of the constitution in regarding of how it explains the legal system there could be different explanation but in combining three articles like 1,2 and 3 what they have in common is its either the congress, executive, or legislative that have power and it’s established by courts. But also look at how not just articles have similarity but also amendments have similar explanation like 1,2,4,5,6,8,10 and 14 where in regard of the legal system people have the rights in their favor and could not be forbidden in any punishment of an unusual way. In this point in my life my views on the criminal justice system is that they should slightly change some of the laws or codes because of how in recently altercation with law enforcement and government which have led to violence or misunderstanding of the community environment. In backing up these statements I have some recent events which have caused some up roar in how people view the system thinking it’s a broken system(corrupted) and don’t trust the government or law enforcement. What about the Charlottesville, Virginia in where a 32-year-old woman of the name Heather Hyer, which was killed when a car slammed into a crowd of counter protesters. Before all that happened the reason why people were protesting was because they wanted the city to remove all confederate statues. Of course, there had to be people part of the Klu klux klan anti protesting not to remove it. Now this were the

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