Who Is Donald Trump Happened To The West?

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In conclusion, Donald Trump is both charismatic and holds himself in high esteem, he is eager to explain how exceptionally well he did in the election and does this in great length in his speeches. He even has a framed map of the 2016 election results displayed in the White House (Lozada, 2017). In his recent speech in Poland, Trump made reference to the ‘West’ ten times. Beinart (2017) argues that in this context the West is not a geographical term, but a racial and religious one. Trump is unlike his predecessors, who acknowledged that democracy and capitalism were not Western, but the universal aspiration of humankind. Previous leaders of the US discussed globalisation as a process where America improved the world. However, Trump describes globalisation as a process by which the world cheats, weakens and threatens America. His words, ‘The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive’ (Trump, 2017), only makes sense if non-white, non-Christians are seen as invaders. Thus, this implies that anyone in America who is non-white and non-Christian is a threat. Trump, by describing that being Western is the essence to the US’s identity, is defining the US to be in opposition to many of its own people. Moral panics within the media have depicted Muslims and Mexicans to be a threat; since Trump does not trust the established media it must be assumed that he has been getting his information from other media sources. He could be spreading a moral panic

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