Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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More Gun Regulations? Would society be better off with or without gun control? Plenty of people believe that owning a firearm can become dangerous or a way of security. Michael Warfel wrote an article, “Why Gun Control?”, explaining the reasons for more firearm limitation. Warfel does not believe in the complete ban of all guns, but he feels that gangs and criminals obtain powerful guns too easily. If legislators who create laws, made more regulations on guns, then people use guns less senselessly. Warfel wrote a argument that goes into what society can do to ensure that the use of guns have well intentions. The author’s structure, resources, and lack of acknowledging the opposing side makes his argument poor. Premises Warfel’s has supported and logical reasoning, however his not all of his support has a resource. The author agrees that guns give necessary protection, however, “they may just as likely be used to provide criminals or mentally ill people with easy access to the means to cause irrevocable harm” (Warfel, 2000). The evidence he used to support this claim in comprised of how “the United States has the highest proportion of suicides from guns” (Warfel, 2000). Warfel then follows this with how he wants the government to “limit access to certain types of firearms” (Warfel, 2000). He wants

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