Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Manesha Singh
Art of Persuasion
Professor Catalano
Gun Control Liberties Lately, there have been frequent discussions plaguing the news which primarily emphasizes firearms and gun control. These debates have led to many American citizens questioning the laws revolving around gun control and the amendment to the constitution permitting the right to bear arms. In numerous cities across the United States, the necessity to own a firearm is incredibly important. For example, let’s imagine someone walking the streets of Chicago on a daily basis and is constantly looking over his or her shoulder over the prospect of someone deliberately assaulting them. What if that same individual was murdered at gun point in broad daylight because he/she looked like a vulnerable target? Unfortunately, the senseless murder of this innocent individual was then reported to a grieving mother where she had to bury her child at a very young age. Let’s propose another overwhelming scenario involving gun control. Imagine a scenario where you’re casually spending an afternoon eating in a restaurant and all of a sudden a criminal comes rushing in. This criminal obtained his/her firearm legally through an accomplice and now you’re suddenly at the criminal’s mercy. Instantaneously, one must feel overwhelmingly unsafe and at any moment a life changing moment may ensue. Furthermore, what if the individual in danger was denied the freedom to bear arms and was a direct victim of

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