Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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Widespread gun violence has a tremendous impact on American citizens’ opinion on gun control. There has been a great deal of gun violence within the United States for decades. The implementation of successful, tolerable gun control has been halted by the debate between gun advocates and victims of gun violence. Law-makers must find a way to keep American citizens safe while also abiding by the 2nd amendment. Mallory Simon, writer and senior producer of online presentations for CNN, reported on this highly controversial topic. Her report came shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, where “20 children and 6 adults were gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut” (Simon 2013) and New York passed a major gun control law (NBC News 2012). In Simon’s article “Gun Debate: Where is the Middle Ground?”, she recaps the devastating moments Amardeep Kaleka experienced during an active shooting involving his own father. Within the article, Kaleka addresses the battle between gun owners and gun control advocates. Where is neutral territory to accommodate both parties? When presented on CNN, the article shed some light on the issue for many Americans as it presented arguments of common ground for gun control.

While Simon did not weigh in on the argument herself, she made Kaleka’s opinions quite clear. The school massacre that occurred shortly after his father’s death had “led many people, including Kaleka, 33, to question where we go from here as a country. Or if we

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