Argumentative Essay On Is Marijuana Addictive

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The article I read about was the National Institute on Drug Abuse on “Is Marijuana Addictive”?
Most people believe that marijuana isn’t addictive or is a drug, but Marijuana is proven to lead to development issues, and disorders causing severe forms of addiction. It was stated that individuals who begin using marijuana before the ages of 18 are about 4-7 times more likely to develop a marijuana disorder. Marijuana disorders are associated with dependence in which a user who stop taking drug feels symptoms of withdrawal. Marijuana users reported feeling a great sense of irritability, mood swings and difficulties sleeping, and many forms of physical discomfort within just the first week of quitting that will last up to two weeks. The dependence occur in the brain when adapting the brain to large amounts of the drug in which
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Also, showing that exposure to THC during adolescence associated with the altered reward system, will increase the likelihood that will self-administer others drugs, when given the opportunity to do so. The truth is drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting isn’t as easy as it seems to appear. Addiction is the purest form of a chronic disease in which one seeks more drugs making it extremely difficult to control the urges and ignoring the future internal consequences. The intake of drugs you take can cause the repeated use of drugs which often times lead to changes within the brain the challenge with most people that causes the continuation on taking drug is the lack of self-control that interfere with their ability to resist the urge to continue inflicting self-harm. The addiction that can be persistent even long after people recovery from the use of drugs , because drug addiction is considered to be a “relapsing” disease people who are trying to recover are at higher risk for returning to drug use even after years of avoiding the use.
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