Argumentative Essay On Learning And Learning

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Children can learn about the world through reading material, whether that instruction is intended or not by the author, and whether the instruction is overt or relatively hidden. From cautionary, moral tales of old to modern “problem novels” and books for children about life issues, authors show and explain the world to the next generation. Matilda grew up in a family, where they did not value education or learning. While her parents went to work, she stayed home and was expected to watch TV or do nothing. Instead, she walked to the library and read books everyday. She learned many things from reading and begged her father if she could attend school like other kids her age. She read about history, law and many other educational topics that she could be learning if she was in school. Children are sponges for information around them. Children gather this information from a variety of sources, such as family, peers, and experience. In Matilda’s case, she learned the most from literature and Miss Honey. Her parents did not encourage learning and her headmaster was cruel to all the students, “…children can develop understanding of themselves and others through books” (Feeney & Moravcik, 2005, p. 20). Her parents failed to help Matilda or her brother excel in school or the learning process. Luckily, Matilda continued to learn through reading.
The producers of Matilda treated Matilda’s giftedness for the most part with high accuracy. In the beginning of the movie, Matilda’s gifts

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