Argumentative Essay On Lgbtq

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Generally when people think about marriage they think about a man and a woman. In society today, the expansion of gay marriages has increased significantly but quite a few people do not agree with this community. Many think that the LGBTQ+ community is not morally correct and LGBTQ is extremely frowned upon in religions. There has been multiple news articles about the LGBTQ being threatened or getting discriminated upon. Luckily there are an abounding number of charities and organizations to help with this discrimination on the community. Since the LGBTQ is a controversial idea in the United States. Honeymaid, Nordstrom, and Campbells are working to fight the freedom for the LGBTQ+ community by creating commercials and advertising how to be themselves.
Honey Maid is one of the many brands that shows support towards the LGBTQ community. Honey Maid’s commercial shows the relationship and happiness the gay community has when it comes to people accepting who they are on the inside. The video presents a gay couple starting a family and living life like any other person would. As a response to the video, a reporter said “I think any child would be lucky to have two dads like you” (Wong). Honey maid has made it clear to the world that they support the LGBTQ+ community. With more expanding companies creating commercials like Honey Maid, this organization is hoping to expand the topic and make the nation be accepting of everyone regardless of sexuality preferences. This …show more content…

This is showing how different organizations can work and show different perspectives on the LGBTQ community. This is important to the people as a whole to understand what this dystopia actually is. So next time when the word “marriage” comes to mind, do not think it is only about a man and a woman

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