Argumentative Essay On Living In Prison

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As many would guess living in prison has a huge effect on people’s lives. While living in prison an inmate is likely to run into people who have committed a variety of crimes ranging from drug deals to murder. However, in a special case an unemployed couple named Stan and Charmaine enter prison on a volunteer basis. Stan and Charmaine currently live a rough life where they are both unemployed and have a very limited income. One of the results of being unemployed is they are homeless and live out of an old beat up Honda. The couple then volunteers to go to prison every other month in order to have a more secure home as well as amenities such as better food and comfort. In prison there is a fine line drawn between unemployment and incarceration. With unemployed people more likely to end up being incarcerated. Even though when incarcerated the inmates give up amenities such as freedom they also receive somewhat of a better life with being able to live in a stable place with all of life's necessities provided to them for no charge. The first main point that is being drawn is that unemployed people tend to believe prison is an exceptional choice for life more so than employed people. This is fair to assume being that throughout the novel “The Heart Goes Last” Stan and Charmaine enter prison every other month by virtue that they are unemployed. Granted the payment Stan and Charmaine receive from going to prison bi monthly is they receive a stable suburban house to

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