Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana The controversy surrounding the legalization of medical marijuana has been widely discussed across the United States for years. Few states in America have legalized the substance for medical use and even fewer for recreational though it has proven to be beneficial in many ways. While the governments remain undecided about whether marijuana’s benefits validate its decriminalization, the American public seems to have agreed on the topic. Marijuana should be legalized nationwide for medical purposes because its medicinal benefits supersede its contentious reputation. Studies are beginning to show that medical marijuana is just as effective and in most cases, less harmful than many other drugs on pharmacy shelves. In “Pot or Not?” Paula Derrow reminds readers that just like any other medication or drug, marijuana can be used incorrectly and impulsively, but is not near as toxic as marketed anti-depressants. Like all other medicines, it has its drawbacks, but this is no reason to keep it off the market (Derrow). Many of the anti-depressants prescribed to Americans have side effects such as joint pain, skin rashes, sleep disturbance, migraines, drug dependency, and suicidal thoughts while marijuana causes little to no side effects when used for the treatment of depression. In “Post-Traumatic Marijuana”, Mark Thompson notes, “While it is nearly impossible to die from a marijuana overdose, prescription-opioid overdoses contributed to 14,000 deaths in the

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