Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Social media is everywhere, you see it on YouTube videos, food products, television commercials, or stores persuading you to, “Follow us on Instagram.” or “Like us on Facebook.” Today, it has become increasingly common for kids to own smartphones at a young age and have Instagram accounts. Wherever you go, you see kids checking their phones and seeing if the picture they posted has enough likes. A few decades ago, not many people had phones, social media has made it possible for unlimited information and communication to be easily accessible and shared. However, social media creates body image for girls and boys and may lead to cyberbullying. Instagram, one of the biggest social media, is an image sharing platform that has over 500 million active users every month, it is the top social media network that creates a sense of false reality. Users spent hours trying to search for the best lighting, perfect angle, and the best picture to post of themselves on Instagram. It is a perfectly arranged and planned photo. Social media is meant to attract people’s attention and it is easy to forget it is a false reality. In a YouTube video posted by Kerith Lemon Pictures, titled A Social Life, a woman is constantly taking photos of her “social life” and posting them on Instagram. By the end of the film, the woman realizes she is not living the life she wants and is inevitably lying to herself, she seeks validation from others on her posts, but should be living her life for herself and

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