Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Our generation is so consumed with the idea of social media and has convinced us of how we are meant to be for us to be “accepted”. We are influenced by such unrealistic standards, we look up to celebrities who create such vulgar music, words and quotes. We stop doing things like camping or go out to other places because social media and technology has ruined that for us, and everything feels easier with social media. Too many of us are in love with materialistic things that we do not even notice the harm it can do to us. Adults instead of helping us how to manage time on our phone all they do is complain about how we are always on the phone and let us not forget they are the ones who buy it for us. Social Acceptance and Rejection: a) “Humans who don’t sleep well by being on social media die sooner than someone who doesn’t.” People send most of their day on social media, looking at what people posted, said, and other stuff like that. Now there are studies that people die faster for being on social media which is one of the reason why it is bad for you. b) “Acceptance in romantic relationships, friendships, and even to strangers is fundamental to humans because society has a big impact on people.” If you think about it social media and society control people’s lives, it practically influences you to do anything because people want to fit in or are just curious to do the things that are popular. Because of social media more and more teens are getting in to drugs,

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